Running A Music Festival – What You Should Know

There is a lot that goes into planning a music festival from the choosing of venues to the transportation of equipment and, of course, the running of the actual event. As the musical lineup is drawn, the organizers have a lot to wade through in terms of organizing and logistics. Of course, there are plenty of small details as well. One of the most important of them all is staffing.

When planning a music festival, you cannot simply choose any musician to play. There are many considerations to make and too many variables to describe. Therefore, you need to have a reliable staff on hand to staff the various facets of the event. They include the band (if there one), sound engineer, lighting technician, and more. These staff members are the lifeblood of a music festival as without them, everything else is liable to go wrong.

crowd in front of stage

When you don’t own a band, you may not even be aware of the kind of staff you need to hire. However, most bands have some kind of professional publicist, even if they do not have a website. The publicist takes care of booking venues, sending out press releases, setting up soundboards, making promotional material such as flyers and posters, and more. In addition, this person usually writes the set list for you, makes recommendations on merchandising, and coordinates with the band’s management about the rest of the logistics. This is an invaluable service as without it, you might end up with a venue that does not have enough space to house your music show. At the same time, if you do get a booking, your band mate or another performer may not be booked for the slot that you have for them and this could lead to disputes and bickering.


The sound engineer takes care of the main audio-visual system at your event, as well as any microphones, soundboards or other audio equipment that is required. It is their job to make sure that there are no issues with the sound quality during your running concert. A video coordinator also makes sure that the camera pans, zooms, and swivels while the event is in progress so you can see your audience visually. While these are not actually “bands” per se, they are the people who coordinate all of the logistics for your music event and know what needs to be done to ensure a smooth and fun running concert experience.


Of course, the music itself will drive all of the other events at your concert or event. You need a suitable music director, sound engineer, lighting designer, and a host of other staff members to ensure that everything works out smoothly and there is a high level of production for your special day. These are all on-site staff members who you will never see during your running concert but who can make the whole concert experience one to remember.

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Holding A Sucessful Event

Of course, once the show is running, you still have to worry about how your show is being received by the crowd and event staff. This is the main reason why it is important to hire professional public relations companies to handle the after-play and post-play surveys for you. These are different types of surveys designed to find out how your audience is receiving the performances and whether they are enjoying themselves. These reports will help guide you in improving your running of your music event next year by implementing some of the best strategies for attracting more visitors and keep them coming back for more. Public relations firms typically provide their clients with useful statistics and insights that will help you make informed decisions throughout the running of your event.