Saxophones In Mainstream Music

Musical instruments can come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Here at SN music festival we have found that one of the most overlooked musical instruments which is uncommon at most large or significant music events is the Saxophone. Saxophones are instruments which can be used within a variety of different kinds of settings and music and yet traditionally they have mostly been confined to specific genres of music such as jazz or the blues.

How Are Musicians Helping To Change The Saxophones Image?

On the whole, there are many different kinds of ways through which musicians are working to help change the saxophones image. One of the main ways in which this is being done is by featuring more  Saxophone tracks on the radio. Featuring more Saxophone beats in different genres of music is one of the main ways in which this kind of sound can be incorporated into a wider range of music.

Another key way in which this is being done is through more visual exposure. This means that in some cases more people are being featured using saxophones within music videos. This means that the saxophone can gain more exposure online and more people may be motivated to take up and play this kind of instrument. Essentially the more this instrument is featured in music videos, the cooler it will appear to be in the long term.

 What Makes This Kind Of Instrument Unique?

Overall there are a lot of different kinds of factors that help to make this kind of instrument unique. One of the main ways in which this instrument appeals to people is its overall design. Saxophones are an eye-catching instrument which appeal to people from across the music scene. In addition to having unique designs, these instruments can also produce unique notes and music which can be added as samples into other music or tracks.

Normally this instrument can be found within orchestras as well as within jazz or blues bands. The saxophone is also closely associated with soul music. It can also be noted that the price point for this instrument can vary greatly depending on how rare the item is as well as how the Saxophone has been built. Prices can range from anything from one hundred to several hundred and even in some cases several thousand pounds.

Is Mainstream Music Changing Its Attitude Towards This Instrument?

On the whole, in many ways it can be said that the mainstream music industry is changing their overall attitude to the Saxophone. Part of the reason for this has been lobbying from musicians.  In addition to this there has generally been a movement from within the music industry towards more progressive music and allowing orchestras as well as electronic artists to record and produce music together in order to make more unique and diverse music for a range of different purposes e.g movie soundtracks.

Therefore in conclusion, it can be stated that in many ways it is clear that the music industry is changing its attitude towards saxophones.