Country Dances

Country line dances are coming back trend. You can take a few classes, enjoy at home parties or even go to one of the best county festivals.

5 good reasons to choose the Country line dance

Group dances are increasingly popular and, of all, the Country line dance, which is inspired by the dances with Old West roots, is the most popular. Jeans, belt with turquoise stones in perfect Navajo ethnic style, white or checkered shirt, leather boots, wide-brimmed cowboy hat. We are not in an Old West saloon or a Texan ranch: we are in a Country line dance class.

In dance schools but also during parties and events, as well as in numerous “themed” venues, the western style is trendy: country music rhythms, dance figures typical of American folklore.

It’s easy

Country line dance dancers, as the name implies, are arranged in parallel rows and perform a choreography consisting of combinations of forward, backward and side steps, interspersed with easy twists and turns.

It is suitable for everyone

Everyone moves alone and there is no physical contact, so it is a dance style accessible to anyone, regardless of age, physical preparation and predisposition to dance. In fact, one moves according to one’s abilities.

It is varied and exciting

To the basic steps in different directions, often combined with crossed foot movements, as soon as you become more casual, you can add hops, rhythmic beats of the heels on the ground, rapid pushups on the legs and increasingly complex figures (like when lifting a heel behind and touch it with the opposite hand) Everything takes place in a very enthralling atmosphere, accompanied by clapping to the music.

It tones (and not only)

The thighs and buttocks are constantly brought into play and tone up. In addition, aerobic exercise (demanding and prolonged over time) helps you lose weight

Helps make new acquaintances

Dancing in a group is fun and has great anti-stress potential, but the Country line dance also offers the opportunity to participate in the numerous themed evenings (or weekends) that clubs, farmhouses and “American style” ranches organize, between a ride and a dinner with Tex-Mex flavors.