EMF Guide is Here!

The Essential Music Festival Guide is the ultimate guide to an amazing music festival. (FEST Guide). It’s about celebrating life and love with the best that you have to offer. What does that really mean, what does “it mean?” look at music festivals as ultimately all-encompassing adventures: the music, the experience and the culture.

What it means to me is the festival guide gives me the freedom to do and have whatever I want. It helps me make connections and reminds me that the best things in life happen when we are least expecting them. It helps me to realize that the power of experiencing and being present is inextricably intertwined with the power of sound and sight, whether we know it or not.

Music festival guide gives me the power to get up early, stay up late, enjoy the food, watch the show, talk to the people, meet new people, make new friends, explore new places, laugh and cry and have a lot of fun. It has inspired my own behaviour and encouraged me to create a much better home in which to raise my family. My own festival experience has given me a sense of pride for being someone who “went to rock’. I now look back with real gratitude for having the gift of this festival guide.