FIVE Country Dances You Need to Know in 2024

Country dances can bring family-fun to any celebration! Easy to learn and performed to any country song, country dances are great for beginners while providing intermediate dancers with an added challenge.

The Country Girl Shake is an entertaining and upbeat line dance that goes well with most country music, while Cowboy Boogie offers another energetic line dance for intermediate dancers.

1. Two-Step

The Two Step is a couple dance that can be performed to country classics as well as modern country pop. Generally performed in closed position and using Foxtrot patterns of quick, quick, slow and slow; almost any such pattern may be utilized; syncopations often creates its distinctive fast-slow rhythm associated with country music.

This dance originated in Texas, though its exact history remains uncertain. It may have roots in international foxtrot but with an additional fast-slow rhythm that sets it apart.

Ballroom Dancing begins when couples start in ballroom position and take two quick steps, followed by two slow steps. As a result, this dance provides an effective means of exercise without becoming overly strenuous; additionally, learning it is also great way to hone footwork skills – many dance instructors recommend adding an accented tap on each slow step to keep in time with other dancers and lead your partner safely around the dance floor. If you’re the leader, remember your responsibility is keeping others at bay and safely leading your partner around!

2. Sweetheart

Your first dance song will likely be the highlight of your wedding, from classics such as Billy Ray Cyrus’ ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ or modern hits by Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill or Chris Stapleton and Morgane. No one in attendance will remain without an emotional response!

Add some spice to your dance with the sweetheart dip. This move involves the male partner spinning the female outward a couple of times and inward yo-yo style before grasping her under her arms and lowering her down, baby cradle style, onto his back.

Swing dancing is a fantastic way to show off your coordination skills and will make your loved one feel extra special on the big day. Plus, it’s simple – try swing dancing at your local country bar to gain the knowledge required, or consult our tutorials online which break down all of its steps – just remember to hold hands loosely so you can easily maneuver.

3. Line Dancing

Line dance is an energetic form of group choreography that people perform as part of an organized performance. People of all ages and levels often enjoy this form of dance as an enjoyable form of exercise that also provides socialization opportunities.

Though its exact origins remain elusive, some believe line dancing likely began in the 1970s due to disco’s increasing popularity. Country line dancing experienced its true birthing during the 1990s thanks to Billy Ray Cyrus’ hit Achy Breaky Heart from 1992, and began its rapid spread.

Country line dancing can also serve to promote Western U.S. culture through its entertainment value and as an educational experience for its participants. Dancing participants often wear attire reflective of this culture while line dancing; such as cowboy hats, western belts and jeans. Some dancers choose to hold out their arms straight during dance routines but this choice is solely personal preference.

4. Outlaw

When it comes to country dancing, keeping up with all of the latest moves is crucial. This is especially true with Outlaw line dance which requires foot stomping, hooping and whoopin’ from its participants – making for an exhilarating night out on the town!

Outlaw is a 48-count 2-wall dance that’s great for intermediate to advanced level dancers. It combines stomps, turns, grapevines (side-to-side movements) and jumps for an entertaining workout that pairs beautifully with Hunter Hayes’ “I Want Crazy”. However, it can also work with Mikel Knight’s explicit country song ‘Whiskey Drinkin’ S.O.B.”

This dance will have you breaking a sweat, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Once you master this move, it will become one of your signature dances at any party or country music concert – perfect for showing off your cowboy/girl power and kickin up some country boots.

5. Little Bit Lit

Billy Ray Cyrus’ classic song ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ provides the ideal environment for country dances that are up-to-date, as its simple two-chord structure and perfectly timed tempo are easy for anyone to pick up and learn, making this dance essential at any country dancing event and guaranteed to get everyone into a good mood!