A Short Guide To Rega Fono MMK3

The latest addition to the range of Rega products is the Rega Fono MM MK3. This compact, yet powerful and modern sound card is highly recommended by leading UK DJ and radio DJ reviews and belongs to the same company that makes the high-quality Rega line of professional headphones. The price tag is slightly on the higher side and it comes with a rather large and bulky remote control. However, it doesn’t let that get in the way of the many pluses it has over other similar offerings.

What Are Its Key Features?

Rega Fono MMK3 Features Two-Way RIAA Equalizer: For true audio perfection, you need a reliable equalizer. This is where the Rega Fono comes in handy. With a two-stage equalizer, you get precision tonal reproduction and vocal clarity. With the push of a button, the MMk3 automatically adjusts its crossover network based on the input signal. Its frequency response lies somewhere between that of a capacitor-based device and an amplified device.


Rega Fono Fidelity: It’s not enough for your Rega Fono to deliver great sound. You also need to have a great head unit to match. The Rega Fono comes with the Rega mono block design and a precision-tuned cardioid acoustic speaker driver. That takes care of the reproduction quality. You also get a built-in rechargeable battery, so even if you’re out the door you still have power. The Fono’s head unit also acts as a connection box for the CD player.


Rega Fono FAQ: What do some consumers ask about the Rega Fono? That’s simple–some say that its one-oscillating equalizer doesn’t have enough separate settings to produce great sounding music. Others think that its one-stage equalizer is not that great. Others are not sold on its precision tuning ability. However, the majority of customers seem to be very happy with the Rega Fono, and many rate it as the best digital equalizer/head unit ever made.


Rega Fono Fidelity: In addition to the amazing performance of the Rega Fono, its simplicity and user-friendly operation also make it stand out. The Rega Fono comes with an intuitive control interface and lets you set the unit’s volume from one to five times. It has two-stage cardio electronic signal processing. The cardioid equalizer is extremely accurate and smooth. The included cable allows it to be used with almost any head unit, including mixer-type or satellite radio.


The Rega Fono’s price is a bit on the high side, but its sound quality is hard to be matched by any other units on the market today. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a good value on an all-in-one digital equalizer and sound system. Its ease of operation and quality sound are unbeatable. The price is worth every penny.